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Inspired by Saint-Tropez, engineered in Geneva, TechnoMarine is unconventional with materials, colours, design. Unconventional, with zero compromise! With its unique savoir-faire, TechnoMarine doesn't follow trends, TechnoMarine makes them special.

Set you own standard of creativity and remix luxury.

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To tell stories, to conquer a new adventure, to shake up preconceptions, to go off the beaten tracks, being true to yourself, living your childhood dreams, amaze the world, do as you please, play the devil, run the show, enjoy every moment, laugh out loud, do not take yourself seriously, love without boundaries, live the life, reach for the sky, break your own frontier, opening doors, live to the max, one life; live it moving at the speed of lighting, dream in Technicolor, you live at your rhythm, being well mannered, light a thousand fires, firing on all cylinders, reaching for new horizons, go to the end of the world, be immortal, take risks, nothing to lose!

TechnoMarine clients are dynamic, hedonistic and determined: success in life is to live it fully, day and night. They refuse to compromise, they set their own rules and they choose their brands to stand out. They are iconoclasts to the last, refuse the dictates of fashion, create their own styles. As TechnoMarine they are curious, open and extroverted

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